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Calmer Schools is focused on mental health literacy and improving communication and wellness in schools. Learn to apply strategies and tools from Stanford University's Center for Health Education, to manage stress, build personal resilience and foster healthy teams.

Meeting the needs of schools

Live Training

Full day and half day trainings that empower educators to create a transformative trauma-sensitive school culture and climate.

Custom Coaching

Discover the power of the 4As in nurturing the well-being of staff, [students], and the wider community!

Care Giver Workshops

Emotional regulation strategies are essential for families and children at home. Join our workshops for practical skills beyond school.

Book Study

Coming soon!
Meredith's new book: Cultivating a Classroom of Calm. Book studies are engaging end effective ways to improve staffs' repetoire of skills. And, nothing works better than a book study with the author and expert!

Do not miss!

Calmer Schools Graduate Courses

An effective and affordable way to earn graduate credits and improve your ability to help both trauma affected and multi-lingual students.
These Calmer Schools courses are offered in partnership with Shepard University and are 100% asynchronous. 

3 Credit Graduate Classes

Cultivating a Calmer Classroom

Normal text.This course takes a deeper look at the intersection between the symptoms of trauma, the manifestation of trauma, the impact on student learning, and appropriate interventions to support healing and safety. 

How Monolingual Educators Can Support Multilingual Learners

Normal text.EMLs are emergent multilingual learners who are continuing to develop their home language while also learning an additional language. This course examines effective ways all educators can support EMLs.

Re-engaging Students in a Trauma-sensitive Classroom.

This course examines effective restart and recovery efforts as a result of the impact of Covid-19. Innovation needs to drive our instructional practices in order to meet the changing needs of our students. 

Mental Health Literacy

In this ever changing world where new stressors can affect students and teachers mental health is of utmost importance. Learn about mental health literacy to increase positive relationships and influence student achievement.

Don't just take our word for it

"Meredith is an amazing trainer, who is a true pioneer in creating trauma informed schools and classrooms. Her workshops" are inspirational and transformative, as she draws on her own experience of leading an underperforming school and remaking it into a place of nurturance and true social emotional learning.

Larry Epp, Ed.D

​Author, Psychotherapist 
Meredith has done amazing work with our staff to transform and challenge our staff to become more trauma focused and aware. It is through this amazing training we have had a significant reduction in office referrals because staff are better equipped to creating a calm classroom. These trainings have been transformational in our own lives which has had an impact for our students. We could not be more pleased with Meredith and the impact she has and continues to have on our staff. 

Lance Astorino

Principal, Jefferson County
If you're interested in finding ways to improve your quality of life and think anew, I highly recommend Calmer Schools to you. You'll find their lead trainer, Meredith, to be sincere, passionate and very relevant! Meredith will help you inspire yourself, and she does so in a gentle and authentically excited manner. Meredith has an authenticity and energy that cannot be denied! Her reason for connecting with people is to empower them. You'll be glad you spent time with this force of nature!

Enrique Feldman

Nationally Recognized Speaker, FAME Foundation
Meredith McNerney is one of the most engaging speakers I have heard in my career! She has a unique way of sharing her vast knowledge and keeping it fun at the same time. Your life and work will definitely be positively impacted after attending her workshop

Tracey Cottman

Supervisor Student Services
Somerset County Public Schools

Audience members said...

Meredith taught me to utilize my supports more to help me gain calm and understanding of my situations more effectively.
You made a difference in my thinking!
This was very inspirational. Meredith, keep doing what you are doing!