Calmer Schools promotes mental health literacy and trauma-informed education to improve school and classroom well-being and boost academic performance. Learn how to manage stress, build personal resilience in students and staff, and cultivate calmer classrooms and schools with practical tools and strategies focused on healing.
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Graduate Credits for Recertification

Learn how to bring a calm mindset to the workplace to boost individual and team well-being and productivity

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Training for School Leaders

Boost capacity for students and educators to understand and react to adversity in healthy and constructive ways.

Based upon the expertise and experience of

Meredith McNerney

Meredith is an adjunct professor, published author, former principal, and founder of The Message for Hope Cancer fund. Meredith is certified by Stanford's Center for Health Education in Employee Wellness and Stress Management and will ignite a new passion in educators by teaching them to cultivate calm through connected relationships.

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"Meredith taught me to take time for myself and that I already have the experiences to draw from. I can do this!"

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