The Calmer Network offers:

  • Courses for Educators to promote mental health literacy and trauma-informed care.
  • Calmer Schools training to cultivate calmer classrooms and school communities with practical tools and strategies focused on healing and improved academic performance.
  • Coaching for Calm to manage stress, build personal resilience, and support overall wellbeing.
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Take Courses for Credits

Looking for credits for recertification or salary advancement? We offer:

  • Accredited courses,
  • Focused on mental health literacy, trauma-informed cultures, creating calmer classrooms, supporting multilingual learners, &
  • Coming Soon! The Science of Learning.
  • Self-paced and flexible options!

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Foster a Calmer School

Looking to build a Calmer School? We offer:

  • Interactive Mental Health Literacy simulations to help students earn a certificate in Mental Health Literacy & SSL/volunteer hours.
  • Workshops & Coaching for leadership teams and educators on trauma-informed care & healing and
  • Supporting Multilingual Learners.
  • Parent/caregiver workshops to foster calm at home.

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Coaching for Calm

Looking to engage in coaching to boost personal and professional growth? Check out:

  • The “Coaching for Calm” program, led by Meredith McNerney, the founder of Calmer Schools.
  • Coaching aims to enhance work/life satisfaction, teach self-regulation strategies for personal use and to share with others, and improve overall wellbeing.

Based upon the expertise and experience of

Meredith McNerney

Meredith is a speaker, teacher, and the author of two books: "Cultivating a Classroom of Calm: How to Promote Student Engagement and Self-Regulation," published by ASCD, and "Facing Cancer: A Spiritual Journey from Pain to Peace."

As a principal, ninety percent of her students were eligible for free meals, and 78% spoke English as a second language. Meredith and her team adopted a comprehensive strategy for school improvement, focusing on optimizing structures and processes. This included implementing accountability frameworks and best practices to enhance social-emotional well-being alongside improving student academic performance.

Today Meredith works with schools and businesses across the country to teach others how to cultivate calmer environments. Meredith is finishing a doctoral program at Northeastern University where she studies the mental health of black and brown educators. 

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Build schools & communities where healing, resilience, and excellence thrive together.

Calm Classrooms

Where mindfulness and emotional regulation strategies create safe spaces for learning and growth.

Resilient Educators

Who develop coping mechanisms to help themselves and their students overcome adversity, bounce back from setbacks, and thrive in the face of academic and emotional challenges.


By educating others, we can create conditions that unlock the full potential of ourselves, our students, and the community.
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