Calmer Schools

Calmer Schools promotes mental health literacy and trauma-informed education to improve school and classroom well-being and boost academic performance. Learn how to manage stress, build personal resilience in students and staff, and cultivate calmer classrooms and schools with practical tools and strategies to promote healing.

Four As Participant Activities (PA)

Module 1

Video Capture Sheet: Building Awareness
Ways of Coping Questionnaire 
Ways of Coping Scorecard 
Ways of Coping Padlet 
Ways of Coping Capture Sheet 
Creating a Belonging Community Educator Resources

Module 2

Video Capture Sheet: Learning Brain vs. Survival Brain
Utilizing Restorative Practices to Promote
Emotion Regulation
Motivating Students Impacted by Trauma

Module 3

Combating Staff Resistance
Creating a Schoolwide Culture of Empathy with Accountability: Avoiding Retraumitization
Empathy with Accountability: Avoiding Retraumitization

Module 4

Elevating Student Voice

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Calmer Schools Graduate Courses

An effective and affordable way to earn graduate credits and improve your ability to help both trauma affected and multi-lingual students.
These Calmer Schools courses are offered in partnership with Shepherd University and are 100% asynchronous.